Sunday, May 20, 2007

Coconut Meat,Tomatoes and Onion Salad


LIFE and Food which was originally "Food Deduction" is now going to be active in the bloggingera. Keeping myself really lean and fit is quite a challenge. I guess only time and decision made me want to bring back my real weight. I am not allowed to tell you how much but I will be sharingyou most of my daily routine,the food I will consume knowing that I bake more often than I abstainfrom eating healthy "rich" food.
I will be featuring healthy recipes facts that should work out! Wish me luck!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


After an all vegetable galore, I deserve a fruit plate which ofcourse should be in season. This plate is composed of freshly sliced melon, orang wedges, cantaloupes, dried fruits like:apple,figs and dates. and a bucnh of red grapes. A real treat for myself. Now I am learning to give up sweets but I still need a little dose of sugar. For those of you who are on diet, you need not feel unhappy for giving up too rich foods, always remember that what you are doing is simply being healthy so you can enjoy life longer and better.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I am currently working at the Green Room dining Hall of the hotel and this is one of the dessert we offer. Mango and Raspberry sorbet with White Chocolate Swirl. It is basically a mixture of syrup flavored with any juice or fruit puree or even tea or coffee and made in the ice cream machine and churned.

Granita and sherbet would be another version of sorbet. So if you are on the way of losing wieght, just try this so you will not feel guilty having a whole glass of luscious ice cream.Enjoy without the guilt!

Friday, December 09, 2005


For the wrap, I just tossed shredded lettuce and a few raisins in ranch dressing and rolled it in whole wheat wrap. There are actually a lot of flavors now of this pita wrap, theres the regular, red chilli, spinach flavor which is fun to prepare also because of the green color it is best identified.

Just like what I always use in my original blog(, e-dumplings, this time on this segment of food deduction, I am featuring the 2 minute -Omelet you would ever have. I just have any dish or plastice container. Put in my sliced onions, bellpeppers,mushrooms,frozen corn,carrots and beans adn a little oil with a dash of black pepper, let it caramelized for 1 minute in the microwave. While that is cooking, mix together 1 whole egg and 2 Tbsp. of milk. After the vegies has been cooked. Pour over the egg mixture. Cook further in the microwave for 1 minute. There you a Speedy Vegetable Omelet. For those who are always in a hurry to go to work, this this the best breakfast you can have without suffering nutrition and quality .


It is water that I always have in my purse or wherever I go. 8 glasses or even 10. You will have good glowing skin and its nutaral. It helps in digestion and there are aslo flavored bottled water sold in groceries like peach flavor, apple or just plain carbonated water. Its definitely good for you!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hearty Breakfast!

I always have any multi grain bar to last the day. Although its expensive but this one I had is good. Strawberry Flavored "Nutri-Grain Yogurt Bar". Main course, shredded cabbage, seasoned with lots of black pepper and cooked in the microwave for 5 minutes. Winter has come, and a cup of hot and sour soup is soothing.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There I am using a dairy prod.,sourcream on my Vegan Nacho Galore. Underneathe is my organic nacho chips which I bought last night at the cafe of this apartment, $4.00 , expensive but hey its organic.haha, then the toppings would be: 1 small can of tuna chunks(pink salmon or even sardines will do), pickle relish, 1 piece of cheddar cheese, a squeeze of ketchup and a dallop of sourcream, pop it in the microwaze for 1 minute and you have a healthy snack. Its all filling.Try it!

Tofu in Carrots , Green Beans and Hoisin Sauce

It is a fact that converting yourself as a vegan is totally omitting any animal product but sorry I could give in to dairy since I have a sweet tooth. Anyways so I have around 2 pounds of Tofu as my source of protein. I just love it. It will forever compensate my craving for red meat. The beans i used is canned and baby carrot. Lots of sliced onions. I can't believe that everytime I will season, I simply use black pepper, but it is still tasty. I know I can still use herbs and spices. Thanks to these flavor sources or else my new world is gonna be boring and no sense at all to eat.haha.


Bean Soup
Vegetable Stew
Garden Salad with Italian Dressing
2 small pieces of Peanut Brittle

My dinner was the best last night. This is a dish that I always make when I want to really feel good, full and vegetarian.

KC's Trip
(Plate 1)

I would always have lots of vegetables, all blanched, caramelized onions, tomatoes and mushrooms and a small can of bumblebee tuna chunks. I should have fiber, protein and some richness from my buttermilk scrambled eggs. If I could make the vege part double so I would not feel hungry for the rest of the day, I would really. Its just vegetables and what you get is a little water, nutrients and sugar that may turn into starch in the body better than having more than a cup of rice. Organic tortilla chips for nibbling while watching t.v.

Guess what before I went to sleep I hade German Chocolate Cake. This is layers of chocolate cake, coconut fudge and chocolate ganache. Did I feel guilty, yes and no, because once in a while you have to treat yourself for a job well done.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Food Deduction
A blog I created to commit myself to losing weight. This goal will change my way of life. How I eat and what I eat. The activities I will indulge in will aslo vary like from inactive to a comprehensive one. From tomorrow, December 5 of 2005, I am totally committing myself to a strict diet. A diet I will create to balance my food intake and my life as well. The last time I achieved my goal of loosing weight, I always say to myself everything I encounter an irresistible dish, "there's still tomorrow", ha, that's true, when I remember that I automatically can just say NO and I can pass that temptation.

Food Deduction means the bad habits I will omit to gain more strength and loose weight. I believe that it is only habits that makes us decide on life. If we feel that we are ready to achieve something, you just make that split second decision and go for it. So guys, come and join me as I explore this area of myself. I want you to be a part of this.

WEIGHT: 170 POUNDS: Pilot goal :160 POUNDS
I admit that in the family I am the most conscious person to whatever I eat. Or if ever I will fully indulge, I would automatically go back to my strict diet the nest day. It works. When I want to make things happen , it does happen. Obscures, when I had jig's, I gained more than this weight-as high as 210 pounds. Yes, its frustrating, that is why the day I gave birth to Jiggy, that's May 7th of 2003, the next day, I decided to be a fake vegan. Haha, that is the term I use beacuse I still cheat. For instance on a buffet, I would pretend that I will just eat veggies and fruits my dressing would be a heart attack mayo-based dressing.

Bye!Bye! Goodies. Ironically I am aspiring to be a good pastry chef but I would also like to live longer for my son and feel lighter and more active since my job requires me to be working more than 8 hours a day. Starting as an apprentice is not easy.

Well, well, excuses, yes I usually give in to decadent desserts and any mayo-based foods and other dairy-inspired dishes or concoctions. The background of thhis photo just shows how much I will have to face the challenges. Seeing the best pastries everyday at work and everywhere in the world is gonna be a tough agenda for me, but hey I am ready.

Wish me luck and perseverance as I bring back my original weight, its not a big deal like Lindsay Lohan's or JLo's or Tyra Banks who has one of the best bodies right now but more of Ms. Oprah Winfrey's since I think we have the same body built, heavy-boned or even Ms. Christy Alley who now is under Jenny Craig's Slimming Program who I admire because she is really loosing weight.

The creations I will be posting in my chef kc's blog will not change because that is just not fair to some who wants a richer and tastier dish for their loved ones. On this new blog of mine Its there will be big changes that I have committed so if you want to do this slimming program I am creating, join me and lets altogether feel beautiful in and out.